What stocks to buy?

What should a new investor buy? Often, a KISS approach "keep it simple, stupid!" is the best way to start.

Ask yourself “What field am I an expert in?”

• Are you a doctor? If so, what’s the hot new drug, equipment maker or pharmaceutical company?

• Are you a teacher? If so, do you know what books, educational services, products and/or software your school is buying?

• If you work at a grocery store, are people suddenly asking for a new product that you can’t keep on the shelves?

• Are you a parent? Are your kids constantly asking for a certain brand of shoes, clothes, games or iPods?

When I first started I adopted Peter Lynch style of investing, "Investing in what you know".

Each of us knows more than we think, because every day we contribute to the profits (or losses) of the companies that we choose in the marketplace. We go to Starbucks (SBUX) for coffee and skip a Diet Coke (KO); We eat lunch at McDonald’s (MCD) and not at Taco Bell (YUM). We buy our kids’ clothes at The Gap (GPS) instead of The Limited (LTD). Why do we make these decisions? Because there is something about one product or the way one company is run that makes us want to go there versus its competitor." So, Pay attention to what you or your kids are buying. -Happy Investing!

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