KISS Strategy

Below is a simple strategy you can use to build a trading plan around and practice in your paper money account.

If you have a strategy you will like to share please feel free to post it. We are an investment club here to help each learn and grow.

  1. 5 EMA applied to close (Red)

  2. 12 EMA applied to close(Blue)

  3. RSI with 14 and level 50.

TF : 15mins

Buy Alert: Buy when 5 cross 12 upside and RSI cross above 50

Sell Alert: Sell when 5 cross 12 downside and RSI cross below 50

Take profit: Support/ Resistance

Stop loss: For buy trade: Low of Previous Candle(which is closed before crossover)

For sell trade: High of Previous Candle(which is closed before crossover)

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